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Opinion on;

Character in general: AGAIN as a lame, almost exclusively Marvel reader I have not had the chance to read Larfleeze in the comics or see him in whatever other media he may have appeared. Which is sad.

How they play them: It’s sad because I cannot get enough of this blog and I absolutely adore seeing Larfleeze causing mischief on the dashboard. At worst I grin every damn time, Larfleeze is THAT entertaining. He has realistic reactions to Wade (because Wade is an irritating dumbass) and I find the frustration they both feel toward each other absolutely hilarious. I cannot recall a single time Larfleeze failed to entertain me here, it’s just perfect.

The Mun: We have shared terror and fear (spider-ladies) and we have endured hilarity (lemon stealing) and both of those are directly related to porn and I’m not sure if that says everything you need to know or just makes you feel concerned. Shauntae is hilarious and we both love fat cats and fat cat gifs and fat cats in SPACE and we always have a fun time on Skype discussing our characters and linking to hilarious interactions from our friends because we can both agree that we have the best RP partners. Also I have no idea how she manages the blogs she has and keeps them all distinct but she does it SO WELL. Shauntae is awesome and I really admire the absolutely massive and engaging Stealing Las Vegas plot she put together, I had some of my best RP times in that plot.

Do I:

RP with them: Not as often as I should but YUP!

Want to RP with them: Yesss!

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Amazing character, fantastic mun and 24/7 hilarity until you feel for Larfleeze and everything becomes sad.

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If Larfleeze doesn't regret anything ever why is Larfleeze dissatisfied with his life?

The ring leaves Larfleeze in a constant state of overwhelming greed. He might be happy for a moment, but then realizes, “Hey, I don’t own a hovercraft. I WANT A HOVERCRAFT.” After he gets that hovercraft, he will then notice some other thing he doesn’t have and so on and so forth.

There is also the insatiable hunger that can only be relieved by the blue light of hope. Which is something Larfleeze can’t own.

He can’t be satisfied.

That’s a part of having the orange ring.

Even if Larfleeze has any real regrets, he wouldn’t tell anyone. He’s too paranoid for that.

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sorry for flaking off like this but i'm le tired. i gathered up what my activity page says i owe and drafted it.

now i slumber.

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I can’t force my character to like yours

I can’t force my character to like yours

I can’t force my character to like yours

I can’t force my character to like yours

  • I can’t force my character to like yours
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Your Larfleeze is consistently hilarious and his character flaws are really part of his charm, he makes me smile whenever he decides to pop into the dashboard!

Thank you, anon!

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